*Are all of your hair varieties 100% Virgin Remy Cuticle Hair?


The term “Virgin Hair” is HIGHLY misused in the hair industry. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the hair in the market is not Virgin hair at all, not even close. Virgin Hair does not come in a bodywave texture, deepwave or any of the other terms you may be accustomed to. The curl/wave pattern will differ for each bundle. All of our hair varieties are Pure 100% Virgin(not chemically processed) or Remy Cuticle Hair unless otherwise stated. Some of our hair varieties have been altered by a natural “steaming” process which enchances the curl patterns or adds texture to increase proper blending with ethnic hair textures. Cuticle alignment is ensured by keeping all strands in their natural direction after the hair has been extracted from the donor and retrieved. This increases the likelihood of longevity for your extensions. It also prevents adverse reactions to the hair such as severe shedding, matting and tangling. All of our bundles are provided from one individual donor. All products are carefully inspected prior to shipping by our highly trained and experienced team of professionals.


*Will I experience Shedding?


The natural hair growing from our scalp sheds daily. Scientific studies indicate that a healthy individual looses in between 40 to 130 strands per day. With that being said, hair that has been extracted and sewn on to a weft will shed as well, but it should be very minimal. We ensure that our wefts are sewn with great precision, and the individual hair strands are affixed and sewn to the weft securely. Proper weft construction greatly minimizes the actual shedding that you will experience during an install. As an added measure to prevent shedding, you can seal your wefts with a weft sealant; This is not a requirement, however it is advised to preserve your investment. Coarse, Kinky, or curly varieties have the tendency to shed more. These varieties should definitely be sealed as a preventative measure. Upon Installation, make sure that you are sewing “around the weft” and not directly on or through the weft. This increases preservation and decreases potential shedding.


*Can Oni hair be chemically altered or dyed?

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that chemically altering the hair can potentially change the texture and composition of the hair. You can “lift”, color, highlight, or add streaks to our virgin cuticle varieties. Any chemical alterations should be performed by a professional to prevent over-processing which can ruin the hair. Oni is not responsible for any damage that takes place to the hair as a result of chemical processing. It is imperative that you properly condition and moisturize hair that has been chemically processed to ensure longevity. Please be advised that chemical alteration with hair dye can alter the natural curl pattern or texture of the hair.


*How long will the hair Last?

The longevity of our extensions depends on your care regimen. All of our hair varieties are made with 100% Human Hair pony tails, extracted from actual hair donors residing in various regions around the globe. This means that the hair needs to be maintained and cared for as if it is your own natural hair. Oni hair will last you a very long time as long as it is properly maintained. Rather it will last months or years depends on you! The hair that we provide is extremely durable. It can be washed daily, you can swim in it in chlorinated or ocean water, and it will still look fabulous! Oni Hair is perfect for exotic vacations, honeymoons, etc. Your hair does need to be cleansed after swimming in water that contains chlorine and other chemicals or else those toxins in the water can dry out your natural hair and cause breakage to your natural hair as well as your extensions.


*How long will it take for my shipment to arrive

Most of our varieties are hand wefted at the time of your order. So we include processing time to ship your ponytails to our wefters, time to have your wefted bundles shipped back so that we can wash and condition the hair and finally ship it direct to your door step.Typically your order will arrive within 7-14 business days. Often, you will receive your hair much sooner than time frame.. Varieties such as our Ethiopian Kinky variety may take up to 21 business days to receive.


How much does each bundle weigh?


Each bundle is 3.7-4.0 oz. You will need at least 2 bundles (6-8 oz.) to complete a full sew in installation. If you like adequate volume, you will need at least 3 bundles (8-12oz). For the EKC variety we advise that you purchase 3 bundles; if you are purchasing lengths over 24” you may need 4+ depending on your desired volume. Please consult your stylist to clarify the amount of hair that is needed to achieve your desired look.


How is your hair measured in regards to length?


Each bundle is measured from root to tip, and stretched. Curly and kinky curly varities may appear shorter than the actual length indicated. The hair must be measured stretched to indicate its true length.