Oni Luxury Hair is actual Human hair that comes from a hair donor and must be maintained as such! It will not behave like plastic hair that is sold at local beauty supply stores, you must care for it as it was cared for by the original hair donor to achieve longevity. The number one mistake that clients make is not caring for their Virgin hair properly and using toxic products. Many products(even very expensive products) can damage the hair; as a result, the client will claim that the hair was bad when in actuality the products used were the cause of the adverse reaction to the product. 


Your natural hair is your crown and you must protect it.. Extensions are a great way to grow out your  natural hair. Extensions are also a great way to depart from using chemical relaxers, perms, texturizers, and Formaldehyde rich straightening treatments. All of which are toxic to your body and harmful to your hair. You can still look fabulous while transitioning from chemicals with extensions!! Be sure to keep your natural hair properly moisturized and washed. Nioxin Follicle booster is great for growing out your hairline or perimeter. Take a good multi-vitamin to aid in hair growth. Vitamin E and Biotin supplements can also encourage hair growth. Contact your physician before supplementing with these vitamins to ensure that you do not counteract with any medications.


~Always wash your hair with cold water.


~ Do not use heavy oil based products such as oil sheen! It will weigh down the hair.


~Washing: Hair must be washed at least 1 time per week. It is encouraged to wash more frequently. When drying your hair squeeze out excess water from roots to ends to release the excess water. It is best to co-wash(wash hair with a moisture rich conditioner. Shampoo is not needed to wash hair)


~Combing: Always use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush, and comb from the ends to the root of the weft.


~Conditioner: You should deep condition your hair at least twice per month. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for at least 30 min sitting under a hooded dryer if possible. Silicon is a great deep conditioner.

Use low alcohol content conditioners to wash your hair. Products with high alcohol content will RUIN your extensions! Shampoo is not needed. A good conditioner will also cleanse the hair of residue as well as moisturize. Alcohol will dry out the hair. The hair is no longer “live hair” that is growing from a scalp, so you must use the proper products to keep the cuticle in tact. Spritz, hair spray, mouse etc contains large amounts of alcohol and will dry out the hair and increase the chances of tangling and matting.


~ Shedding: Human hair will shed. When we comb our hair everyday ,we have shedding that occurs; this is natural. We loose approximately 50-100 strands of hair per day. Extensions are no different. Shedding can occur more because it is sewn on a weft. It is not realistic for a hair weft to never have shedding. To reduce the amount of shedding it is a good idea to seal your wefts with a weft sealant prior to your installation to reduce shedding. You can seal your wefts with fray block. You can purchase this from your local craft store.


~Drying: It is best to allow your hair to air dry, however you must use synthetic heat, a diffuser is best.


~Curly hair: Requires a lot of maintenance and moisture. It is necessary to keep it properly combed out and moisturized to properly maintain it. It is best to comb it with a wide tooth comb when wet. Make a spray bottle with water and vegetable glycerine for moisture. A small amount of “Lotta body” mixed with water is good to add to your water bottle. John Frieda’s Dream Curls is also a good product for curly hair.


~Sleeping: When going to sleep it is best to plait your hair into 2 braids or more and tie you hair up in a silk bonnet or to sleep on a silk pillow case.


~Sewing the Wefts : When you are having your wefts sewn in, ensure that you are sewing across the wefts and not sticking the needle and thread through the wefts. This will compromise the strength and durability of the weft. And can also cause shedding. This is very important.


Recommended Conditioners:

Organic Root Stimulator Conditioner

Palmers Virgin Coconut Oil Conditioner

Silicon Mix Conditioner

Organics Coconut Milk Conditioner


**Know that just because a product is expensive, does not mean that it is good for your hair extensions. This is REAL human hair, and needs to be cared for with the proper products so that longevity is ensured**