Oni recognizes that you are a Queen, or a queen in the making, and Queens deserve only the best. Oni Luxury Hair Extensions are an extension to your natural beauty. We have combined luxury and eccentricism, and transmuted it into a beautiful art-form, in the representation of show stopping hair! We provide only the finest 100% Virgin hair, and lightly textured Remy hair that matches natural hair textures perfectly! We import direct from various regions around the globe including India, South America, East Asia, etc. Our quality control inspectors ensure that you only the finest batches available around the globe are hand picked and delivered to you. We are a brand that is clothed with integrity. We present only factual information, and authentic products.

We have a special place in our hearts for our fellow “Au Natural” siStars . We specialize in providing rare varieties that mimic your natural texture. This will aid you in achieving the look that you desire while you are in the process of transitioning and thereafter.

The Oni brand allows you to transcend beyond society’s definition of what beauty is. \. Hair extensions do not make you who you are. Make no mistake about that, YOU make the hair!! Authentic beauty comes from within and shines outwardly when you are properly in tune with yourself and balanced. Self love encompasses loving your natural hair, skin, skin tone, body and the entirety of your full genetic make-up. Do not neglect those areas, they are the essence of who you are!!!!

We strive to stay connected with our customers through various forms of social media: Twitter, Facebook,etc.We offer a wide array of items on our online beauty emporium which will nurture and accentuate all facets of your being!

We have been in the hair business for well over 10 years. What sets us a part from other brands is our wide array of textures, impeccable quality, and our guarantee to provide our fellow siStars with top notch customer service and overall wellness tips! We are a company that exudes integrity in each in every facet of our business. We do not practice deceptive business practices to make money. The Oni brand is a movement!! Its bigger than “just hair”. Our actions will display how we are raising the standard in this industry! We are looking forward to fulfilling all of your haircare and beauty needs! Peace and Infinite Blessings to you!

Know yourself, Love Yourself, Love Oni!! ©